Chinese characters

Writing chinese characters needs to be in the right order. You start at the first stroke and have to create upto 58 strokes in the right order.

For example, the character 鱻, requires 33 strokes. With the series option of the game you can practice the stroke order by remembering the right order of the strokes.

The game starts with all the strokes visisble. Depending on the choosen delay you need to quickly remember the order of the strokes. ti-0

By choosing the right tiles you uncover the strokes and can continue to play. Once you make a mistake you need to start over. All tiles are flipped back to the background-tile.

ti-2 ti-1

Your score is the number of clicks needed to unravel all the strokes. The best score is the one with the least amount of clicks in the fastest time. Number of clicks is more valuable then a fast time.

There are a few characters included with the game. You can either make your own, or download more from the ExtraFiles section.

Character creation

The file format is the Kivy-atlas format. The atlas file describes the different images within the larger image file. You only need to download 2 files instead of all the individual images.