The game schoomory is a combination of the words school and memory. The game itself is based on the traditional memory game, match 2 the same tiles. The images are based on various fish or on schoolwork, hence the name.

When you start the app the settings screen for Memory is displayed:

memory main

Here you can change the number of tiles (default is 6). With more tiles the games gets more complex. If you select more tiles then there are images available, the maximum number of images is used instead. With the delay slider you can increase the delay for hiding the tiles. You have more time to remember which objects are displayed in the (wrongly) opened tiles.

The Images, Letters and [0-9] will start a game for you. With either images, letters or simple math-questions. Depending on the options you can expect questions with only addition, substraction, multiplication or devision. You can also select all, or a subset.

memory math memory

The fish are there because I (and my children) like them. The images are sourced from openclipart.

Numbers (math)

There are light-blue and dark-blue tiles. You need to find the matching sets. In the home-screen you can decide which math-operators you want to use. The game currently has the four basic operations available:

  • add
  • substract
  • multiply
  • devide

And will randomly generate tiles for you. The slider with the Number of tiles lets you choose the number of tiles in the game. The largest digits in the game are depending on the number of tiles. More tiles results in math-questions with larger numbers.


Practising with letters is also possible. The dataset contains the letters in lower- and upper-case form. You have to find the matching pair!

memory letters


With the 'file' button in the main-screen you can provide your own dataset. For example the greek alphabet (all in lower-case), or playing memory while learning new words:

memory greek memory chinese

The Extra Files section on this website provides some datasets for the game. With version 1.1 of the game it is not necessary anymore to rename the .csv files to .jpg. The permission issue with non-image files in android is fixed.


In the home-screen you can choose between memory or series. In the series game you need to remember the series and touch the matching blocks. With the alphabet options you can either have only lower-case, upper-case or mixed letters, always starting at 'a'.


For the numbers you start at 0 and go upwards (+), or you start at 0 and follow the negative numbers. Depending on the option you enable. By increasing the delay you have more time to look at the start-sequence. But it will also take more time if you make a mistake and need to restart the sequence.

You can also load a Chinese character and try to follow the stroke-order.


Available at the google playstore!

Also available to install as android-package (version 1.1.0):